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  • Mission Statement

    Our aim is to provide healthy, nutritious food to people in times of need, motivated by a desire to be compassionate and caring towards all.






    Getting Involved


    Volunteers are needed for each Friday between 12 and 3:30 pm.  Duties include sorting and stocking shelves, filling hampers, handing out hampers to clients, serving coffee and snacks, tidying up at closing time.

    Volunteers need to come in a spirit of compassion, hospitality and cooperation.

    In summer there is a need for extra volunteers to become involved in the garden projects.

     To become involved as a volunteer, please contact one of the board members.

    Donations of Food:

    Donations of non-perishable food items and fresh fruits and vegetables are always welcome.  They can be dropped off at the food bank on Fridays between 12 noon and 3 pm, or placed in one of the drop-off bins found in some local grocery stores.

    Churches and schools also do collections of food and provide another way of giving.

    Some of the most needed items are: canned meats and stews, brown beans, canned fruits and vegetables, pasta and pasta sauce, canned soup, crackers, peanut butter, baby food items and disposable diapers. 

    Garden Produce:

    We encourage people with gardens to grow an extra row for the food bank.  We can use potatoes, carrots, onions, beans, peppers and generally anything nutritious from your garden.

     It is advisable but not essential to let us know ahead of time what you wish to donate and how much.  Call the food bank at 306-232-5623 or call 306-223-4417.

    If Friday drop-off doesn’t work, another time can be arranged.

    Donations of Cash:

     The food bank is always in need of donations of cash.  In addition to our operating costs, we are continually purchasing groceries to fill the hampers.  Cheques can be made out to: “Rosthern District Food Bank” and sent to Box 173, Rosthern, SK S0K 3R0.

      • Welcome

        Welcome to the Rosthern District Food Bank website.  We invite you to browse and become familiar with our mission, outreach, and how you can participate. Please feel free to leave a comment and/or ask questions.


        Where to Find Us

        Our physical address is: 612 Railway Avenue, Rosthern, SK

        Our phone number is: 306-232-5623 or 306-223-4417

        Our mailing address is: Box 173, Rosthern, SK  S0K 3R0

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        During November and December, the Rosthern District Food Bank is  asking for donations of Christmas hampers.  For more information on receiving a Christmas hamper, look under the "Getting Help" tab.


        Please use the following list of items, when purchasing goods for the Christmas hampers:

        3 cans vegetables 

        3 cans fruit

        3 cans soup

        2 packages gravy mix

        2 boxes stovetop dressing

        1 jar pickles (not home-made)

        1 can cranberries

        1 box pancake mix

        1 pancake syrup

        1 large package pasta

        1 can pasta sauce

        1 family-size box of cereal

        2 containers juice (one litre each)

        1 container jam (not home-made)

        1 large tin coffee

        1 extra 'surprise' item (not home-made)

        If you are assembling one or more hampers, please call the Food Bank at 306-232-5623, 306-223-4417, or email to let them know. Hampers may be delivered to the Food Bank on Dec. 16, or Dec. 22, between 10:00 am and 4:00 pm.


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